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Oil Low Temperature Kinematic Viscosity Tester

Short Description:

This instrument is suitable for measuring the kinematic viscosity of liquid petroleum products. The instrument has the timing of the movement time of the sample and automatically calculates the final result of the kinematic viscosity. This method is suitable for determining the kinematic viscosity of liquid petroleum products (referring to Newtonian liquids), and its unit is m2/s, which is usually used in practice as mm2/s. Dynamic viscosity can be obtained by multiplying the measured kinematic viscosity by the density of the liquid.


Operation video

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Product Detail

Main functions and features.

1、LCD screen, Chinese character display, clear and clear, easy to operate.

2、The keyboard has parameters such as viscometer constant, control temperature value, fine tuning temperature value and test number, etc. The instrument has memory function.

3、Adopt imported sensor, digital PID temperature control technology, temperature control range, temperature control precision.

4、Do not drop the electric calendar clock, the boot automatically displays the current time.

5、Network communication, remote control, transfer table optional function.

6、Button, feel good.

7、The number of experiments is adjustable from 1 to 6 times, which is convenient for your experiment.

8、The experimental records can be saved for later viewing.

Technical indicators

1、Number of bath holes: 2 holes.

2、Temperature control precision: plus or minus 0.03 ℃ or less

3、Temperature control: – 40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

4、Input power: AC220V plus or minus 10V 50Hz.

5、Heating power: 800W.

6、Cooling power: 400W.

Conditions of use

1、Ambient temperature: 0 ℃ to 40 ℃
2、Relative humidity :<80%.

Matters needing attention

1、Instrument set the temperature below 20 ℃, the aquarium in medium must use anhydrous ethanol low-freezing liquid, such as instrument set temperature above 20 ℃ isothermal medium inside the aquarium can use distilled water.When no liquid is injected in the glass tank, no electricity is allowed.
2、Bath liquid in bath can not have impurities and float, new bath fluid is heated often often bubble, have influence to the test.
3、Before use, it must be grounded reliably.
4、The time interval is more than 15 minutes, and the instrument can be turned on in cold bath. It will take 45 minutes before it can be used.
5、When using full immersion thermometer to calibrate the temperature, the effective scale of the thermometer shall not show the liquid surface of the constant temperature bath.
6、The instrument is not allowed to be stored or used in humid, corrosive gases.
7、Pay attention to the upper height of the capillary tube to avoid water inlet.
8、Use a period of time or find the oil level is not sensitive, should clean the test hole in the test clip in time.
9、During the use of the instrument, if there is any malfunction, please ask the professional staff to repair it and contact us in time.
It is a product quality problem within one year, free warranty.

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