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PS-YN1301 Kinematic Viscosity Tester

Short Description:

The Kinematic Viscometer Meets ASTM D 445 and is used to determine the kinematic viscosity of liquid petroleum products, including clear and opaque liquids, by measuring the volume of liquids flowing under gravity through a calibrated glass capillary viscometer.

Model No.: PS-YN1301

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Product Detail

Technical Indicators

Number of liquid bath holes 4
Temperature range room temperature -130℃
Constant temperature precision ±0.1℃
Measurement accuracy ±0.01℃
Supply voltage AC 220 V ±10%
Power frequency 50 Hz ±2%
Power 1500W
Applicable temperature 10~40℃
Applicable humidity <85 % RH
Width*height * depth 390mm*260mm*240mm
Net weight ~ 18kg


Functions and Characteristics

1. Using imported sensors and digital PID temperature control technology, the range of temperature control is wide and the temperature control precision is high.

2. large screen color touch liquid crystal display, simple operation, convenient human-computer dialogue.

3. room temperature to 130 degrees can be set at any temperature for temperature control.

4. It can store the test results automatically, and can store 100 sets of data. electricity calendar clock, start automatically display the current time.

6. It has many advantages, such as high precision, fast speed, stable and reliable data.:

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