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PS-3045 High Voltage Insulation Resistance Tester

Short Description:

PS-3045 digital insulation resistance meter, also known as megger, high voltage insulation resistance tester, etc., is used for insulation resistance testing. It has the function of measuring DC voltage, AC voltage, DC voltage absorption ratio and polarization index.
Model No.: PS-3045

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Product Detail

The instrument has a shockproof, dustproof, and moisture-proof structure. It is a commonly used and indispensable instrument in telecommunications, electric power, meteorology, computer rooms, oil fields, mechanical and electrical installation and maintenance, and industrial enterprises that use electricity as industrial power or energy. It is suitable for measuring the resistance value of various insulating materials and the insulation resistance of transformers, motors, cables and electrical equipment. At the same time, it can output a variety of different voltage levels and has the function of step voltage adjustment.

1.Voltage range & accuracy

Measuring function Measuring range accuracy resolution
DC voltage DC 0.0V~1000V ±5%rdg±3dgt 0.1V
AC voltage AC 0.0V~750V ±5%rdg±3dgt 0.1V

2. Current range & accuracy

Measuring function Measuring range accuracy resolution
DC current 1mA-6mA ±5%rdg±2dgt 0.01mA
100uA-1000uA ±5%rdg±2dgt 1uA
10uA-100uA ±5%rdg±2dgt 0.1uA
1uA-10uA ±5%rdg±2dgt 0.01uA
100nA-1000nA ±5%rdg±2dgt 1nA
10nA-100nA ±10%rdg±5dgt 0.1nA
1nA-10nA ±20%rdg±5dgt 0.01nA
100pA-1000pA ±30%rdg±5dgt 1pA

3.Capacitance range & accuracy

Measuring function Measuring range accuracy resolution
capacitance 10uf-50uf ±10%fs.±5dgt 0.01uf
1uf-10uf ±10%fs.±5dgt 0.01uf
100nf-1000nf ±10%fs.±5dgt 1nf
10nf-100nf ±10%fs.±5dgt 0.1nf

4.Technical Specifications

Function Insulation resistance test, voltage test, DC current test, capacitance test
Basic condition 23℃±5℃,below 75%rh
PS-3045 Rated voltage 100V、250V、500V、1000V、2500V、5000V
Insulation resistance range 0.01MΩ~10TΩ resolution:0.01MΩ
PS-3045E Rated voltage 250V、500V、1000V、2500V、5000V、10KV
Insulation resistance range 0.01MΩ~35TΩ resolution:0.01MΩ
PS-3045F Rated voltage 500V、1000V、2500V、5000V、10KV、15KV
Insulation resistance range 0.01MΩ~50TΩ resolution:0.01MΩ
Test Voltage(V) rated voltage×(1±10%)
DC Voltage Range 0~1000V Resolution: 0.1V
AC Voltage Range 0~750V Resolution: 0.1V
DC Current 0.1nA~6mA Resolution: 0.1nA
Capacitance 10nF~50uF Resolution: 10nF
Output short-circuit Current ≥6mA@15KV
Absorption Ratio and Polarization Index Measurement Have

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