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PS-SD01 Oil Color Tester

Short Description:

This instrument is applicable to determine the color of various lubricating oils and other petroleum products according to SH / t0168-92 “colorimetric determination of petroleum products”. The determination method is to inject the sample of petroleum products to be determined into the colorimetric tube, and then compare it with the standard film to determine its color number. The color number indicated by this instrument is equivalent to that in GB / t6540

Model No.: PS-SD01

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Product Detail

Main Technical Specifications

1、Instrument composition: Standard chroma, observation optical lens, light source and colorimetric tube

2、The light source is 220 V / 100 W, and the temperature is 2750 ± 50 ° K. The standard light source is inner frosted milk shell bulb.

3、There are 26 Φ 14 optical holes in the color plate, 25 of which are respectively equipped with 1-25 color standard color glass sheets, and the 26th hole is blank.

4、Power supply: 220 V ± 22 V, 50 Hz ± 1 Hz

Working conditions

Indoor, no corrosive gas, power supply should be well grounded.

Performance Characteristics

1. The observation eyepiece is composed of concave and convex lens, which can see the sample color and standard color at the same time.

2. The optical eyepiece has the ability of light adjustment and focusing, and is easy to use.

3. The structure design is reasonable and the operation is convenient.

4. The color number corresponds to astm d1500, GB / t6540 and ISO.


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