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PS-DN4 Power Quality Analysis Instrument

Short Description:

Power quality analyzer is a tester used to measure the AC power quality supplied by public power grid to users. This power quality analyzer has the advantages of large screen, mouse operation, built-in large capacity data storage and so on

Model No.: PS-DN4

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Product Detail

Core Description

Power quality analyzer is a tester used to measure the AC power quality supplied by public power grid to users. This power quality analyzer has the advantages of large screen, mouse operation, built-in large capacity data storage and so on



Number of measurement channels Four-channel voltage, four-channel current
Measuring range Voltage 0-900V
Current Small clamp meter: caliber 8mm, 0-5A-25A (standard configuration)

Medium clamp meter: caliber 50mm, 5-100-500A (optional)
Large clamp meter: Caliber 125×50mm, 20-400-2000A (optional)

Phase angle 0.000-359.999°
frequency 42.5-69Hz
Resolution Voltage 0.001V
Current 0.0001A
Phase angle 0.001°
power Active power 0.01W, reactive power 0.01Var
frequency 0.0001Hz
Voltage RMS accuracy ≤0.1%
Current RMS deviation ≤0.3%
Phase angle error ≤0.1°
Power deviation ≤0.5%
Frequency measurement accuracy ≤0.01Hz
Harmonic measurement times 2-64 times
Voltage harmonic deviation When the harmonic is greater than 1% of the nominal value: ≤1% of reading

When the harmonic is less than 1% of the nominal value: ≤0.05% of the nominal voltage value

Current harmonic deviation When the harmonic is greater than 3% of the nominal value: ≤1% of reading + CT accuracy

When the harmonic is less than 3% of the nominal value: ≤0.05% of the current range

Voltage unbalance accuracy ≤0.2%
Current imbalance accuracy ≤0.5%
Short flicker measurement time 10minute
Long flicker measurement time 2hours
Flicker measurement deviation ≤5%
Display screen 1280×800, color wide temperature LCD screen
power plug AC220V±15% 45Hz-65Hz
Battery working time ≥10 hours
Power consumption 4VA
insulation The insulation resistance of the voltage and current input terminals to the chassis is ≥100MΩ.

The power frequency is 1.5KV (effective value) between the input end of the working power supply and the shell, and the experiment lasts for 1 minute

Ambient temperature -20℃50℃
Relative humidity 0-95% No condensation
physical dimension 280mm×210mm×58mm
weight 2Kg



1. Multi-channel measurement: simultaneous measurement of 4 voltage channels and 4 current channels.
2. Electrical parameter measurement: it can measure voltage amplitude, current amplitude, phase, frequency, active power, reactive power, power factor and other parameters at the same time;
3. It can measure the voltage and current harmonic content of 2-64 times;
4. It can measure the interharmonic content of 0.5-31.5 times voltage and current;
5. It can measure the total harmonic distortion rate of voltage and current;
6. Measurable and short-term flicker (PST), long-term flicker (PLT), and voltage fluctuations;
7. It can measure positive sequence voltage, negative sequence voltage, zero sequence voltage, and voltage unbalance degree;
8. It can measure positive sequence current, negative sequence current, zero sequence current, current unbalance degree;
9. Transient parameter measurement function, with the event recording function of voltage swells and drops, and the recording function is automatically activated at the same time to record the occurrence time of the event and the actual waveforms of the five cycles before and after the occurrence;
10. With oscilloscope function, real-time waveform display of voltage and current size and distortion, and voltage and current waveforms can be zoomed on the instrument;
11. Hexagonal diagram display function, which can perform vector analysis of metering circuit and protection device circuit, and check for wrong wiring of metering device; in the case of three-phase three-wire wiring, it can automatically judge 48 wiring methods; automatic calculation of supplementary power is convenient to use The personnel calculate the supplementary power for users with wiring problems.
12. Optional large clamp meter can be used to measure the transformation ratio and angular difference of low-voltage current transformers;
13. The harmonic content can be displayed in the form of a histogram with good visual effects;
14. Built-in large-capacity data storage, (storage interval 1 second-1000 minutes optional) can be stored continuously for more than 18 months at a time interval of 1 minute;
15. 10-inch large-screen color LCD display 1280×800;
16. The capacitive screen touch operation is similar to the operation of a tablet computer and a smart phone, which is simple and easy to learn;
17. Support mouse operation, adapt to operators with different habits;
18. When measuring harmonics, it can automatically judge whether the content of each harmonic exceeds the standard according to the national standard and give a prompt, which is clear at a glance;
19. Harmonic content rate national standard query function, which can query the allowable value of the national standard;
20. With a frequency measurement range of 42.5Hz-69Hz, it can measure 50 and 60 power systems.
21. It can be equipped with special data analysis and management software to analyze and process the test results. It can grasp the power quality and periodic changes of the load at the measured point, and it is irreplaceable for the power staff to understand the user’s power quality and take corresponding processing measures. The role of
22. The analysis software can generate professional power quality analysis reports in accordance with the requirements of the national standard;
23. The instrument has a screen capture function, and the display data of any screen can be manually saved in the form of pictures;
24. Built-in high-performance lithium-ion battery, automatically enters the power saving mode, which can make the instrument work continuously for more than 10 hours without external power supply, which is convenient for on-site testing.

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