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PUSH 5kv 10kv 15kv Insulation Resistance Tester Megger

Short Description:

PS-3520 adopts high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery pack. The instrument is equipped with test wires with double-layer insulation and shielding layers, and the high-voltage bar is equipped with replaceable alligator clips and hooks, which can be adapted to various test places. The instrument adopts a sturdy double-layer shell structure, and the protection level of the outer box of the instrument is IP65, which can prevent the intrusion of moisture and dust during transportation and storage and effectively protect the instrument from impact.

Model No.: PS-3520

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Product Detail

Model Category

Product Model Rated Voltage Insulation Resistance Range Short Circuit Current
PS-3520 250V,500V,1KV,2.5KV,5KV 0.50MΩ~10.0TΩ >7mA
PS-3520B 250V,500V,1KV,2.5KV,5KV,10KV 0.50MΩ~20.0TΩ >7mA
PS-3520C 250V,500V,1KV,2.5KV,5KV,10KV,15KV 0.50MΩ~30.0TΩ >7mA


Technical Specification

Function Insulation resistance measurement (IR); polarization index measurement (PI); absorption ratio (DAR); ramp test mode (RAMP); filtered resistance test (four time selection 10S,20S,30S,40S);
Voltage measurement(V); capacity measurement(uF); current measurement(nA)
Power Supply Rechargeable lithium battery 6.2Ah
Output Voltage Accuracy 5%~10%)±10V
Insulation Resistance Test Range PS-3520:0.50MΩ~10.0TΩ PS-3520B:0.50MΩ~20.0TΩ


Output Short Circuit Current ≥7mA
Polarization Index Test YES
Dielectric Absorption Ratio Test YES
Voltage Test Range:AC/DC:0V~1000V;Accuracy: ±5%rdg±3V
Capacitance Test Range:10nF~25uF;Accuracy: ±10%rdg±10nF
Current Test Range:0.01nA~7mA;Accuracy: ±5%rdg±0.5nA
Storage Function Automatically store the test data with test date and time, total of 1000 groups
Meter Dimension 280mm×260mm×160mm
Meter Weight 4900g (include the battery)
Protection Level Close the case IP65, open the case IP40
Working Environment -20℃~50℃;80%rh
Store Environment -25℃~65℃;80%rh
Insulation Resistance 50MΩ(1000v)(between the test circuit and shell)
Withstand Voltage AC 3Kv 50Hz 1min(between the test circuit and shell)


Product Feature

1. Insulation resistance range up to 30TΩ(15KV),20TΩ(10KV),10TΩ(5KV).

2. Output rated voltage max reach 7 gears (250V,500V,1KV,2.5KV,5KV,10KV,15KV).

3. Max short circuit current 7mA

4. Insulation resistance test (IR), polarization index test(PI), dielectric absorption ratio test (DAR).

5. Ramp test mode (RAMP), filtered resistance test mode (FR).

6. Voltage monitor function, automatically monitoring the live voltage of the measured object

7. Test timer function, automatically record the test time.

8. Automatic discharge function, the charge of the tested object is released automatically after the test.

9. Automatic shutdown function.

10. Large size touch colorful screen.

11. Double-shell structure, sturdy and durable, protection rating of IP65

12. Large capacity rechargeable lithium battery pack 19V 6200mAh.

13. Storage function, can automatically store 1000 groups of real-time test data with test date, time and timing.

14. Upload function, equipped with USB interface, the recorded data can be uploaded to the computer via USB communication cable for data statistical analysis.

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