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Ps-Zj002 Determination Of Oil Sludge Petroleum Products Mechanical Impurity Tester

Short Description:

Built-in oil-free maintenance-free vacuum pump, metal bath thermostatic funnel, one instrument host completes all functions, no external vacuum pump and water bath, energy saving and environmental protection.

Model No.: PS-ZJ002

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Product Detail

Functions and Features

1. 4.3-inch TFT true color touch screen with a resolution of 480×272, the human-computer interaction is beautiful and easy to use.
2. Using 32-bit microprocessor as the main control core, a new generation of intelligent operating system.
3. PID temperature control, precise control of the temperature of the constant temperature funnel.
4. The built-in oil-free and maintenance-free vacuum pump is used, and the vacuum filtration is controlled by the program.
5. Uniquely designed vacuum pump structure, even if the oil sample is sucked into the vacuum pump, it will not damage the instrument and reduce accidental losses.
6. The structure is compact, and the desktop only occupies 1.4 sheets of A4 paper.

Product Paramenters

using ways DL/T429.7-2017
show 4.3 inch liquid crystal display (LCD)
Temperature control range Room temperature~100℃
Temperature control accuracy ±1 ℃
Resolution 0.1 ℃
rated power rated power
size 300×300×400mm
weight 8kg

1.Power switch
2. TFT touch screen
3. Funnel
4. Funnel Heating Bath Set
5. Vacuum interface
6. suction filter bottles

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