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PS-ZD20 20A Transformer DC Winding Resistance Tester

Short Description:

Transformer DC resistance is a must-test item for semi-finished products, finished products factory test, installation, overhaul, change of tap changer, handover test and preventive test of power sector in transformer manufacturing. It can check the welding quality of the winding joint and whether the winding is short-circuited between turns. It can check whether the contact of each position of the voltage tap changer is good, whether the actual position of the tap changer is consistent with the indicated position, whether the lead wire is broken, and the multi-strand wires are wound in parallel. Whether there is a stock break, etc.

Model No.: PS-ZD20

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Product Detail


Item Technical Specification Remarks
Output Current <20mA、1A、2.5A、5A、10A、20A
Test Range 100μΩ~1Ω (20A)
500μΩ~2Ω (10A)
1mΩ~4Ω (5A)
2mΩ~8Ω (2.5A
5mΩ~20Ω (1A
10Ω-20KΩ (<20mA) Accuracy:±(0.5%+2readings)
Resolution 0.1μΩ
Data Storage 1000 groups
Working Condition Temperature:0℃~40℃
Ambient humidity:≤90%RH,(non condensed)
Power Supply AC 220V±10V,50Hz±1 Hz Fuse 5A
Max Consumption 500W
Dimension Host:405×230×355(mm)
Weight Host:15KG Accessories:5.5KG
Test Line Standard 13m Length can be customized

Functional Features

1. Whole instrument controlled by high speed SCM, high automatic degree and simple operation.

2. The instrument adopts advanced power supply technology, with multiple current position, test range is wide, suitable for testing DC resistance of large and medium size transformer.

3. Has a complete circuit protection, reliable.

4. Discharge alarm, discharge indicator clear, reduces misuse.

5. Intelligent power management technology, instrument is always working at minimum power state, effective energy saving, reduce heat.

6. Seven-inch high-brightness touch colorful LCD display

7. With calendar clock and power storage, can store 1000 groups data, can be check at any time.

8. The instrument has Bluetooth communication, RS232 communication and USB interface for computer communication and U disk data storage.

9. Self-contained micro printer, which can print measurement results.

10. Download the special APP, the instrument can connect to your mobile by bluetooth function to control the instrument throughout the special software, and the test data is stored and uploaded for easy reference.

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