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PS-ZD20T Three-Phase Winding Resistance Tester Three-Channel DC Resistance

Short Description:

DC resistance of transformer is the essential item to be tested in semi-finished product, finished product delivery test, installation, handover test and preventive test by electric power department, and is effective to help find manufacturing defects such as materials selection for transformer coil, welding, looseness on connection, strand breaking, wire breaking and so on, as well as hidden dangers after operation. To satisfy the requirement for quick measurement of DC resistance of transformer, our Company has developed PS-ZD20T three phase winding resistance tester aiming at YN connection winding. The tester can fulfill functions such as simultaneous energization on three phases, independent current sampling, voltage sampling, as well as simultaneous measurement and display of three-phase resistance value and three-phase unbalance rate, thus can significantly reduce test time for DC resistance of transformer, solve the problem of long test duration for DC resistance of each tapped winding of electric power transformer. It requires only 1/3 of the time required by traditional method.

Model No.: PS-ZD20T

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Product Detail

Output current select current automatically (maximum 20 A)
Range ability 0-100 Ω
Accuracy ±(0.2%+2words)
Minimum resolution 0.1 μΩ
Working temperature -20-40℃
Ambient humidity ≤80%RH, no condensation
Altitude ≤1000meters
Working power supply AC220 V±10%, 60 Hz±1 Hz
Volume L 400 mm*W 340 mm*H 195 mm
Net weight 8kg


1. Displayer: colorful lattice LCD, displaying menu, test data and records.
2. Buttons: used for operation for corresponding functions indicated on the LCD or return the whole machine back to the initial state of energization.
3. Measuring current output terminal and voltage input terminal: under three-channel measurement mode, Ia, Ib,Ic, Io are current output, input channels; Ua, Ub, UC, Uo are voltage input channels. Under single-channel measurement mode, I+ and I- are current output, input channels; U+ and U- are voltage input channels.
4. Power switch, socket: including power switch of the whole machine, 220V AC power plug (with built-in 5A protective tube).
5. Earthing: earthing rod, for earthing of casing of the whole machine, belonging to protected field.
6. USB interface: interface between the instrument and U disk.
7. RS232 communication interface: communication interface between instrument and host computer.
8. Printer: printing information such as resistance value results and test current.







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